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Tue 12:00 Maximal Couplings of the Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
Guanyang Wang · John O'Leary · Pierre Jacob
Tue 14:00 On the Privacy Properties of GAN-generated Samples
Zinan Lin · Vyas Sekar · Giulia Fanti
Wed 6:00 Nonparametric Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: From Theory to Learning Algorithms
Alicia Curth · Mihaela van der Schaar
Tue 14:00 The Minecraft Kernel: Modelling correlated Gaussian Processes in the Fourier domain
Fergus Simpson · Alexis Boukouvalas · Vaclav Cadek · Elvijs Sarkans · Nicolas Durrande
Tue 14:00 List Learning with Attribute Noise
Mahdi Cheraghchi · Elena Grigorescu · Brendan Juba · Karl Wimmer · Ning Xie
Tue 14:00 Learning-to-Rank with Partitioned Preference: Fast Estimation for the Plackett-Luce Model
Jiaqi Ma · Xinyang Yi · Weijing Tang · Zhe Zhao · Lichan Hong · Ed Chi · Qiaozhu Mei
Wed 12:45 Probabilistic Sequential Matrix Factorization
Omer Deniz Akyildiz · Gerrit van den Burg · Theodoros Damoulas · Mark Steel
Wed 6:00 Local Competition and Stochasticity for Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning
Konstantinos Panagiotis Panousis · Sotirios Chatzis · Antonios Alexos · Sergios Theodoridis
Wed 12:45 Deep Probabilistic Accelerated Evaluation: A Robust Certifiable Rare-Event Simulation Methodology for Black-Box Safety-Critical Systems
Mansur Arief · Zhiyuan Huang · Guru Koushik Senthil Kumar · Yuanlu Bai · Shengyi He · Wenhao Ding · Henry Lam · Ding Zhao
Wed 12:45 Curriculum Learning by Optimizing Learning Dynamics
Tianyi Zhou · Shengjie Wang · Jeff Bilmes
Tue 14:00 Matérn Gaussian Processes on Graphs
Viacheslav Borovitskiy · Iskander Azangulov · Alexander Terenin · Peter Mostowsky · Marc Deisenroth · Nicolas Durrande
Thu 7:30 Approximating Lipschitz continuous functions with GroupSort neural networks
Ugo Tanielian · Gerard Biau