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Semi-Supervised Aggregation of Dependent Weak Supervision Sources With Performance Guarantees

Alessio Mazzetto · Dylan Sam · Andrew Park · Eli Upfal · Stephen Bach

Keywords: [ Semi-Supervised Learning ] [ Models and Methods ]


We develop the first theoretical guarantees for learning from weak labelers without the (mostly unrealistic) assumption that the errors of the weak labelers are independent or come from a particular family of distributions. We show a rigorous technique for efficiently selecting small subsets of the labelers so that a majority vote from such subsets has a provably low error rate. We explore several extensions of this method and provide experimental results over a range of labeled data set sizes on 45 image classification tasks. Our performance-guaranteed methods consistently match the best performing alternative, which varies based on problem difficulty. On tasks with accurate weak labelers, our methods are on average 3 percentage points more accurate than the state-of-the-art adversarial method. On tasks with inaccurate weak labelers, our methods are on average 15 percentage points more accurate than the semi-supervised Dawid-Skene model (which assumes independence).

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