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Consistent k-Median: Simpler, Better and Robust

Xiangyu Guo · Janardhan Kulkarni · Shi Li · Jiayi Xian

Keywords: [ Algorithms, Optimization and Computation Methods ] [ Combinatorial Optimization ]


In this paper we introduce and study the online consistent k-clustering with outliers problem, generalizing the non-outlier version of the problem studied in Lattanzi-Vassilvitskii [18]. We show that a simple local-search based on-line algorithm can give a bicriteria constant approximation for the problem with O(k^2 log^2(nD)) swaps of medians (recourse) in total, where D is the diameter of the metric. When restricted to the problem without outliers, our algorithm is simpler, deterministic and gives better approximation ratio and recourse, compared to that of Lattanzi-Vassilvitskii [18].

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