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Unifying Clustered and Non-stationary Bandits

Chuanhao Li · Qingyun Wu · Hongning Wang

Keywords: [ Learning Theory and Statistics ] [ Decision Processes and Bandits ]


Non-stationary bandits and clustered bandits lift the restrictive assumptions in contextual bandits and provide solutions to many important real-world scenarios. Though they have been studied independently so far, we point out the essence in solving these two problems overlaps considerably. In this work, we connect these two strands of bandit research under the notion of test of homogeneity, which seamlessly addresses change detection for non-stationary bandit and cluster identification for clustered bandit in a unified solution framework. Rigorous regret analysis and extensive empirical evaluations demonstrate the value of our proposed solution, especially its flexibility in handling various environment assumptions, e.g., a clustered non-stationary environment.

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