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Quick Streaming Algorithms for Maximization of Monotone Submodular Functions in Linear Time

Alan Kuhnle

Abstract: We consider the problem of monotone, submodular maximization over a ground set of size $n$ subject to cardinality constraint $k$. For this problem, we introduce the first deterministic algorithms with linear time complexity; these algorithms are streaming algorithms. Our single-pass algorithm obtains a constant ratio in $\lceil n / c \rceil + c$ oracle queries, for any $c \ge 1$. In addition, we propose a deterministic, multi-pass streaming algorithm with a constant number of passes that achieves nearly the optimal ratio with linear query and time complexities. We prove a lower bound that implies no constant-factor approximation exists using $o(n)$ queries, even if queries to infeasible sets are allowed. An empirical analysis demonstrates that our algorithms require fewer queries (often substantially less than $n$) yet still achieve better objective value than the current state-of-the-art algorithms, including single-pass, multi-pass, and non-streaming algorithms.

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