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Fast and Accurate Estimation of Low-Rank Matrices from Noisy Measurements via Preconditioned Non-Convex Gradient Descent

Jialun Zhang · Richard Zhang · Hong-Ming Chiu

MR1 & MR2 - Number 128
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Sat 4 May 6 a.m. PDT — 8:30 a.m. PDT

Abstract: Non-convex gradient descent is a common approach for estimating a low-rank $n\times n$ ground truth matrix from noisy measurements, because it has per-iteration costs as low as $O(n)$ time, and is in theory capable of converging to a minimax optimal estimate. However, the practitioner is often constrained to just tens to hundreds of iterations, and the slow and/or inconsistent convergence of non-convex gradient descent can prevent a high-quality estimate from being obtained. Recently, the technique of \emph{preconditioning} was shown to be highly effective at accelerating the local convergence of non-convex gradient descent when the measurements are noiseless. In this paper, we describe how preconditioning should be done for noisy measurements to accelerate local convergence to minimax optimality. For the symmetric matrix sensing problem, our proposed preconditioned method is guaranteed to locally converge to minimax error at a linear rate that is immune to ill-conditioning and/or over-parameterization. Using our proposed preconditioned method, we perform a 60 megapixel medical image denoising task, and observe significantly reduced noise levels compared to previous approaches.

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