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  1. Company PO number. After you complete the application, you may email yourself an invoice from the sponsor portal for the amount of the sponsorship. If you need that invoice to have a PO number from your company on it, then you will need to add that PO number in section 3 of the application.
  2. Branding. Our sponsor page highlights your company logo, provides a link to your website, and displays a paragraph about your company. You will be asked for each of these in various steps.
  3. Vector logo. We need a high-quality vector version of your logo in .svg format. This logo may be enlarged for a sponsor poster, so it is important that it be a high-quality image in vector format.
  4. Payment. Sponsorship and exhibitor payment is due by The date SponsorPaymentDeadline not found..  Your invoice will be generated in section 4 of the sponsorportal. Your logo and company information will be on the website when payment an contract are received.

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If we can supply any additional information or be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to email: Mary Ellen Perry <meperry@salk.edu>

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in at the conference.


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