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Safety Tips for Attendees and Exhibitors

  • Always verify surprise repair calls at your hotel with the front desk or hotel security (i.e., plumbing or electrical repairs).
  • Cameras and camcorders are open invitations to be robbed.
  • Carry a list of important telephone numbers.
  • Do not carry or show large amounts of cash.
  • Do not stop on the road to ask directions. Go where known help is available (i.e., service station, fire station, etc.).
  • Dress like a local. (Maybe not that flashy)
  • If your car is bumped, do not get out or stop. Go to a safe area to call the police.
  • Remove your name badge once you leave your meeting.
  • Rental cars should not be identified as such.
  • Treat your booth like your place of business.
  • Treat your hotel room like your home. Lock your doors
  • Walk in groups, especially at night.
  • Do not bring your passport to the convention center. Lock it in your hotel safe.