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Registration for Authors on Accepted Papers and Presenters

If the meeting is not sold out:

If the meeting is sold out:

  • Authors will be given 2 week access to reserved tickets. With access to these reserved tickets, authors will be able to register even if the meeting sells out.  Although it's unlikely, if the meeting does sell out, you will receive an email with instructions; in addition instructions will be posted on the home page.
  • Participants in workshops will gain access to reserve tickets as soon as they are added to the workshop's schedule as a presenter. Please contact the workshop organizer to confirm that you have been added to the schedule. Access for participating in a workshop does not expire in 2 weeks, but rather lasts until reserve tickets sell out. 
  • Always try to use the same email address at CMT that you will use to register at, otherwise, we may not know that you have a paper.