Efficient and passive learning of networked dynamical systems driven by non-white exogenous inputs

Harish Doddi · Deepjyoti Deka · Saurav Talukdar · Murti Salapaka



We consider a networked linear dynamical system with p agents/nodes. We study the problem of learning the underlying graph of interactions/dependencies from observations of the nodal trajectories over a time-interval T. We present a regularized non-casual consistent estimator for this problem and analyze its sample complexity over two regimes: (a) where the interval T consists of n i.i.d. observation windows of length T/n (restart and record), and (b) where T is one continuous observation window (consecutive). Using the theory of M-estimators, we show that the estimator recovers the underlying interactions, in either regime, in a time-interval that is logarithmic in the system size p. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to analyze the sample complexity of learning linear dynamical systems driven by unobserved not-white wide-sense stationary (WSS) inputs.

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