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Near-Optimal Task Selection for Meta-Learning with Mutual Information and Online Variational Bayesian Unlearning

Yizhou Chen · Shizhuo Zhang · Bryan Kian Hsiang Low


This paper addresses the problem of active task selection which involves selecting the most informative tasks for meta-learning. We propose a novel active task selection criterion based on the mutual information between latent task vectors.Unfortunately, such a criterion scales poorly in the number of candidate tasks when optimized. To resolve this issue, we exploit the submodularity property of our new criterion for devising the first active task selection algorithm for meta-learning with a near-optimal performance guarantee. To further improve our efficiency, we propose an online variant of the Stein variational gradient descent to perform fast belief updates of the meta-parameters via maintaining a set of forward (and backward) particles when learning (or unlearning) from each selected task. We empirically demonstrate the performance of our proposed algorithm on real-world datasets.

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