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MT3: Meta Test-Time Training for Self-Supervised Test-Time Adaption

Alexander Bartler · Andre Bühler · Felix Wiewel · Mario Döbler · Bin Yang


An unresolved problem in Deep Learning is the ability of neural networks to cope with domain shifts during test-time, imposed by commonly fixing network parameters after training. Our proposed method Meta Test-Time Training (MT3), however, breaks this paradigm and enables adaption at test-time. We combine meta-learning, self-supervision and test-time training to learn to adapt to unseen test distributions. By minimizing the self-supervised loss, we learn task-specific model parameters for different tasks. A meta-model is optimized such that its adaption to the different task-specific models leads to higher performance on those tasks. During test-time a single unlabeled image is sufficient to adapt the meta-model parameters. This is achieved by minimizing only the self-supervised loss component resulting in a better prediction for that image. Our approach significantly improves the state-of-the-art results on the CIFAR-10-Corrupted image classification benchmark.

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