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Optimal Dynamic Regret in Proper Online Learning with Strongly Convex Losses and Beyond

Dheeraj Baby · Yu-Xiang Wang

Abstract: We study the framework of universal dynamic regret minimization with strongly convex losses. We answer an open problem in Baby and Wang 2021 by showing that in a proper learning setup, Strongly Adaptive algorithms can achieve the near optimal dynamic regret of $\tilde O(d^{1/3} n^{1/3}\text{TV}[u_{1:n}]^{2/3} \vee d)$ against any comparator sequence $u_1,\ldots,u_n$ simultaneously, where $n$ is the time horizon and $\text{TV}[u_{1:n}]$ is the Total Variation of comparator. These results are facilitated by exploiting a number of new structures imposed by the KKT conditions that were not considered in Baby and Wang 2021 which also lead to other improvements over their results such as: (a) handling non-smooth losses and (b) improving the dimension dependence on regret. Further, we also derive near optimal dynamic regret rates for the special case of proper online learning with exp-concave losses and an $L_\infty$ constrained decision set.

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