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Community Activities and Mentorship

WiML - CWS Social

Jessica Kohlschmidt · Christina Papadimitriou · Tatjana Chavdarova



Women in Machine Learning (WiML) and the Caucus for Women in Statistics (CWS) welcome AISTATS attendees to this social event. The event will start with icebreakers to encourage networking among participants. In the main part of the event there will be a Q&A with WiML sponsors, WiML board members and CWS board members in an open format: participants are encouraged to come with questions on various topics ranging from career advice or time-management to conducting research. The event is hosted by Tatjana Chavdarova (UC Berkeley), Christina Papadimitriou (Palo Alto Networks), and Jessica Kohlschmidt (Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center).

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