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AIStats 2023 Visa Information


VISA Letter of Invitation

Letters of invitation to AISTATS 2023 are only available if you have a paid registration. The letter is available in section 5 of the registration page.

Application Information

Information on Spain's visa requirements is available here.

Submitting your application

  • If you need a visa we recommend that you start you submit your application as soon as you can. Visa processing times can be long. 
  • Make sure you complete all parts of you application. A common problem in previous years is submission of an incomplete application.

If your visa appliction is denied

If you applied for your visa before March 16, 2023, and you are unable to attend because your visa was denied or you have not received a response we will refund your registration fees. Refund requests must be received within one week of the close of the meeting with accompanying documents showing a visa denial. See the Help menu for contact information.