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Discrete Distribution Estimation under User-level Local Differential Privacy

Jayadev Acharya · Yuhan Liu · Ziteng Sun

Auditorium 1 Foyer 152

Abstract: We study discrete distribution estimation under user-level local differential privacy (LDP). In user-level $\varepsilon$-LDP, each user has a $m\ge1$ samples and the privacy of all $m$ samples must be preserved simultaneously. We resolve the following dilemma: While on the one hand having more samples per user should provide more information about the underlying distribution, on the other hand, guaranteeing privacy of all $m$ samples should make estimation task more difficult. We obtain tight bounds for this problem under almost all parameter regimes. Perhaps surprisingly, we show that in suitable parameter regimes, having $m$ samples per user is equivalent to having $m$ times more users, each with only one sample. Our results demonstrate interesting phase transitions for $m$ and the privacy parameter $\varepsilon$ in the estimation risk. Finally, connecting with recent results on shuffled DP, we show that combined with random shuffling,our algorithm leads to optimal error guarantees (up to logarithmic factors) under the central model of user-level DP in certain parameter regimes. We provide several simulations to verify our theoretical findings.

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