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CLIP-Lite: Information Efficient Visual Representation Learning with Language Supervision

Aman Shrivastava · Ramprasaath R. Selvaraju · Nikhil Naik · Vicente Ordonez

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We propose CLIP-Lite, an information efficient method for visual representation learning by feature alignment with textual annotations. Compared to the previously proposed CLIP model, CLIP-Lite requires only one negative image-text sample pair for every positive image-text sample during the optimization of its contrastive learning objective. We accomplish this by taking advantage of an information efficient lower-bound to maximize the mutual information between the two input modalities. This allows CLIP-Lite to be trained with significantly reduced amounts of data and batch sizes while obtaining better performance than CLIP at the same scale. We evaluate CLIP-Lite by pretraining on the COCO-Captions dataset and testing transfer learning to other datasets. CLIP-Lite obtains a +14.0% mAP absolute gain in performance on Pascal VOC classification, and a +22.1% top-1 accuracy gain on ImageNet, while being comparable or superior to other, more complex, text-supervised models. CLIP-Lite is also superior to CLIP on image and text retrieval, zero-shot classification, and visual grounding. Finally, we show that CLIP-Lite can leverage language semantics to encourage bias-free visual representations that can be used in downstream tasks. Implementation:

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