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Tue 14:00 Learning the Truth From Only One Side of the Story
Heinrich Jiang · Qijia Jiang · Aldo Pacchiano
Tue 14:00 Semi-Supervised Learning with Meta-Gradient
Taihong Xiao · Xin-Yu Zhang · Haolin Jia · Ming-Ming Cheng · Ming-Hsuan Yang
Tue 18:30 Semi-Supervised Aggregation of Dependent Weak Supervision Sources With Performance Guarantees
Alessio Mazzetto · Dylan Sam · Andrew Park · Eli Upfal · Stephen Bach
Tue 18:30 Sample efficient learning of image-based diagnostic classifiers via probabilistic labels
Roberto Vega · Pouneh Gorji · Zichen Zhang · Xuebin Qin · Abhilash Rakkunedeth · Jeevesh Kapur · Jacob Jaremko · Russell Greiner
Wed 6:00 Latent Derivative Bayesian Last Layer Networks
Joe Watson · Jihao Andreas Lin · Pascal Klink · Joni Pajarinen · Jan Peters
Wed 6:00 A Theoretical Characterization of Semi-supervised Learning with Self-training for Gaussian Mixture Models
Samet Oymak · Talha Cihad Gulcu
Wed 6:00 Dirichlet Pruning for Convolutional Neural Networks
Kamil Adamczewski · Mijung Park
Wed 12:45 Feedback Coding for Active Learning
Gregory Canal · Matthieu Bloch · Christopher Rozell
Wed 12:45 The Multiple Instance Learning Gaussian Process Probit Model
Fulton Wang · Ali Pinar
Thu 7:30 Reinforcement Learning for Constrained Markov Decision Processes
Ather Gattami · Qinbo Bai · Vaneet Aggarwal