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Tue 18:30 On the High Accuracy Limitation of Adaptive Property Estimation
Yanjun Han
Tue 18:30 Parametric Programming Approach for More Powerful and General Lasso Selective Inference
Vo Nguyen Le Duy · Ichiro Takeuchi
Wed 12:45 DebiNet: Debiasing Linear Models with Nonlinear Overparameterized Neural Networks
Shiyun Xu · Zhiqi Bu
Wed 12:45 Completing the Picture: Randomized Smoothing Suffers from the Curse of Dimensionality for a Large Family of Distributions
Yihan Wu · Aleksandar Bojchevski · Aleksei Kuvshinov · Stephan G√ľnnemann
Wed 12:45 Hierarchical Clustering in General Metric Spaces using Approximate Nearest Neighbors
Benjamin Moseley · Sergei Vassilvtiskii · Yuyan Wang