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Tue 14:00 The Sample Complexity of Meta Sparse Regression
Zhanyu Wang · Jean Honorio
Tue 14:00 Does Invariant Risk Minimization Capture Invariance?
Pritish Kamath · Akilesh Tangella · Danica Sutherland · Nathan Srebro
Wed 6:00 Hyperparameter Transfer Learning with Adaptive Complexity
Samuel Horváth · Aaron Klein · Peter Richtarik · Cedric Archambeau
Wed 12:45 When MAML Can Adapt Fast and How to Assist When It Cannot
Sébastien Arnold · Shariq Iqbal · Fei Sha
Wed 12:45 On Data Efficiency of Meta-learning
Maruan Al-Shedivat · Liam Li · Eric Xing · Ameet Talwalkar
Wed 12:45 A Theory of Multiple-Source Adaptation with Limited Target Labeled Data
Yishay Mansour · Mehryar Mohri · Jae Ro · Ananda Theertha Suresh · Ke Wu
Wed 12:45 Decision Making Problems with Funnel Structure: A Multi-Task Learning Approach with Application to Email Marketing Campaigns
Ziping Xu · Amirhossein Meisami · Ambuj Tewari