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Tue 14:00 Variational Selective Autoencoder: Learning from Partially-Observed Heterogeneous Data
Yu Gong · Hossein Hajimirsadeghi · Jiawei He · Thibaut Durand · Greg Mori
Tue 14:00 Learning GPLVM with arbitrary kernels using the unscented transformation
Daniel Augusto Ramos Macedo Antunes de Souza · Diego Mesquita · João Paulo Gomes · César Lincoln Mattos
Tue 14:00 On the Privacy Properties of GAN-generated Samples
Zinan Lin · Vyas Sekar · Giulia Fanti
Tue 14:00 Comparing the Value of Labeled and Unlabeled Data in Method-of-Moments Latent Variable Estimation
Mayee Chen · Benjamin Cohen-Wang · Stephen Mussmann · Frederic Sala · Christopher Re
Tue 18:30 GANs with Conditional Independence Graphs: On Subadditivity of Probability Divergences
Mucong Ding · Constantinos Daskalakis · Soheil Feizi
Tue 18:30 Independent Innovation Analysis for Nonlinear Vector Autoregressive Process
Hiroshi Morioka · Hermanni Hälvä · Aapo Hyvarinen
Tue 18:30 On Projection Robust Optimal Transport: Sample Complexity and Model Misspecification
Tianyi Lin · Zeyu Zheng · Elynn Chen · Marco Cuturi · Michael Jordan
Tue 18:30 Homeomorphic-Invariance of EM: Non-Asymptotic Convergence in KL Divergence for Exponential Families via Mirror Descent
Frederik Kunstner · Raunak Kumar · Mark Schmidt
Wed 6:00 Amortized Bayesian Prototype Meta-learning: A New Probabilistic Meta-learning Approach to Few-shot Image Classification
Zhuo Sun · Jijie Wu · Xiaoxu Li · Wenming Yang · Jing-Hao Xue
Wed 6:00 Causal Autoregressive Flows
Ilyes Khemakhem · Ricardo Monti · Robert Leech · Aapo Hyvarinen
Wed 6:00 Scalable Gaussian Process Variational Autoencoders
Metod Jazbec · Matt Ashman · Vincent Fortuin · Michael Pearce · Stephan Mandt · Gunnar Rätsch
Wed 6:00 An Analysis of the Adaptation Speed of Causal Models
Remi Le Priol · Reza Babanezhad · Yoshua Bengio · Simon Lacoste-Julien