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Tue 14:00 Sample Elicitation
Jiaheng Wei · Zuyue Fu · Yang Liu · Xingyu Li · Zhuoran Yang · Zhaoran Wang
Wed 6:00 Deep Neural Networks Are Congestion Games: From Loss Landscape to Wardrop Equilibrium and Beyond
Nina Vesseron · Ievgen Redko · Charlotte Laclau
Wed 12:45 A Limited-Capacity Minimax Theorem for Non-Convex Games or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Mixed-Nash and Love Neural Nets
Gauthier Gidel · David Balduzzi · Wojciech Czarnecki · Marta Garnelo · Yoram Bachrach
Wed 12:45 Reaping the Benefits of Bundling under High Production Costs
Wei Ma · David Simchi-Levi