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Tue 14:00 Distributionally Robust Optimization for Deep Kernel Multiple Instance Learning
Hitesh Sapkota · Yiming Ying · Feng Chen · Qi Yu
Tue 14:00 Designing Transportable Experiments Under S-admissability
My Phan · David Arbour · Drew Dimmery · Anup Rao
Wed 6:00 An Analysis of the Adaptation Speed of Causal Models
Remi Le Priol · Reza Babanezhad · Yoshua Bengio · Simon Lacoste-Julien
Wed 6:00 Dirichlet Pruning for Convolutional Neural Networks
Kamil Adamczewski · Mijung Park
Wed 6:00 On Multilevel Monte Carlo Unbiased Gradient Estimation for Deep Latent Variable Models
Yuyang Shi · Rob Cornish
Thu 7:30 CWY Parametrization: a Solution for Parallelized Optimization of Orthogonal and Stiefel Matrices
Valerii Likhosherstov · Jared Davis · Krzysztof Choromanski · Adrian Weller