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Thu 7:30 Hierarchical Clustering via Sketches and Hierarchical Correlation Clustering
Danny Vainstein · Vaggos Chatziafratis · Gui Citovsky · Anand Rajagopalan · Mohammad Mahdian · Yossi Azar
Thu 7:30 Generalized Spectral Clustering via Gromov-Wasserstein Learning
Samir Chowdhury · Tom Needham
Wed 6:00 Online k-means Clustering
Vincent Cohen-Addad · Benjamin Guedj · Varun Kanade · Guy Rom
Tue 14:00 Maximizing Agreements for Ranking, Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering via MAX-CUT
Vaggos Chatziafratis · Mohammad Mahdian · Sara Ahmadian
Thu 7:30 Clustering multilayer graphs with missing nodes
Guillaume Braun · Hemant Tyagi · Christophe Biernacki
Wed 12:45 Hierarchical Clustering in General Metric Spaces using Approximate Nearest Neighbors
Benjamin Moseley · Sergei Vassilvtiskii · Yuyan Wang
Tue 14:00 Cluster Trellis: Data Structures & Algorithms for Exact Inference in Hierarchical Clustering
Sebastian Macaluso · Craig Greenberg · Nicholas Monath · Ji Ah Lee · Patrick Flaherty · Kyle Cranmer · Andrew McGregor · Andrew McCallum
Wed 12:45 On the Consistency of Metric and Non-Metric K-Medoids
He Jiang · Ery Arias-Castro
Tue 18:30 DAG-Structured Clustering by Nearest Neighbors
Nicholas Monath · Manzil Zaheer · Kumar Avinava Dubey · Amr Ahmed · Andrew McCallum
Wed 12:45 Large Scale K-Median Clustering for Stable Clustering Instances
Konstantin Voevodski
Wed 12:45 Finite-Sample Regret Bound for Distributionally Robust Offline Tabular Reinforcement Learning
Zhengqing Zhou · Qinxun Bai · Zhengyuan Zhou · Linhai Qiu · Jose Blanchet · Peter Glynn
Thu 7:30 Graph Community Detection from Coarse Measurements: Recovery Conditions for the Coarsened Weighted Stochastic Block Model
Nafiseh Ghoroghchian · Gautam Dasarathy · Stark Draper