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Invited Talk
Tue 9:00 Reliable Predictions? Counterfactual Predictions? Equitable Treatment? Some Recent Progress in Predictive Inference
Emmanuel Candes
Tue 10:30 Homeomorphic-Invariance of EM: Non-Asymptotic Convergence in KL Divergence for Exponential Families via Mirror Descent
Frederik Kunstner · Raunak Kumar · Mark Schmidt
Tue 10:45 Recovery Guarantees for Kernel-based Clustering under Non-parametric Mixture Models
Leena Chennuru Vankadara · Sebastian Bordt · Ulrike von Luxburg · Debarghya Ghoshdastidar
Tue 11:00 Towards a Theoretical Understanding of the Robustness of Variational Autoencoders
Alexander Camuto · Matthew Willetts · Stephen Roberts · Chris Holmes · Tom Rainforth
Tue 11:30 Couplings for Multinomial Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Kai Xu · Tor Erlend Fjelde · Charles Sutton · Hong Ge
Tue 11:45 An Adaptive-MCMC Scheme for Setting Trajectory Lengths in Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Matthew Hoffman · Alexey Radul · Pavel Sountsov
Tue 12:00 Maximal Couplings of the Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
Guanyang Wang · John O'Leary · Pierre Jacob
Tue 14:00 Sharp Analysis of a Simple Model for Random Forests
Jason Klusowski
Tue 14:00 An Efficient Algorithm For Generalized Linear Bandit: Online Stochastic Gradient Descent and Thompson Sampling
QIN DING · Cho-Jui Hsieh · James Sharpnack
Tue 14:00 Sampling in Combinatorial Spaces with SurVAE Flow Augmented MCMC
Priyank Jaini · Didrik Nielsen · Max Welling
Tue 14:00 Random Coordinate Underdamped Langevin Monte Carlo
Zhiyan Ding · Qin Li · Jianfeng Lu · Stephen Wright
Tue 14:00 Learning GPLVM with arbitrary kernels using the unscented transformation
Daniel Augusto Ramos Macedo Antunes de Souza · Diego Mesquita · João Paulo Gomes · César Lincoln Mattos