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Wed 6:00 Nearest Neighbour Based Estimates of Gradients: Sharp Nonasymptotic Bounds and Applications
Guillaume Ausset · Stephan Clémençon · François Portier
Tue 14:00 Convergence and Accuracy Trade-Offs in Federated Learning and Meta-Learning
Zachary Charles · Jakub Konečný
Tue 14:00 Sharp Analysis of a Simple Model for Random Forests
Jason Klusowski
Thu 7:30 Critical Parameters for Scalable Distributed Learning with Large Batches and Asynchronous Updates
Sebastian Stich · Amirkeivan Mohtashami · Martin Jaggi
Wed 12:45 Continual Learning using a Bayesian Nonparametric Dictionary of Weight Factors
Nikhil Mehta · Kevin Liang · Vinay Kumar Verma · Lawrence Carin Duke
Wed 12:45 Towards Flexible Device Participation in Federated Learning
Yichen Ruan · Xiaoxi Zhang · Shu-Che Liang · Carlee Joe-Wong
Wed 12:45 Completing the Picture: Randomized Smoothing Suffers from the Curse of Dimensionality for a Large Family of Distributions
Yihan Wu · Aleksandar Bojchevski · Aleksei Kuvshinov · Stephan Günnemann
Wed 6:00 Nonlinear Functional Output Regression: A Dictionary Approach
Dimitri Bouche · Marianne Clausel · François Roueff · Florence d'Alché-Buc
Tue 18:30 Regret Minimization for Causal Inference on Large Treatment Space
Akira Tanimoto · Tomoya Sakai · Takashi Takenouchi · Hisashi Kashima
Thu 7:30 The Unexpected Deterministic and Universal Behavior of Large Softmax Classifiers
Mohamed El Amine Seddik · Cosme Louart · Romain COUILLET · Mohamed Tamaazousti
Wed 12:45 One-Sketch-for-All: Non-linear Random Features from Compressed Linear Measurements
Xiaoyun Li · Ping Li
Tue 18:30 Dual Principal Component Pursuit for Learning a Union of Hyperplanes: Theory and Algorithms
Tianyu Ding · Zhihui Zhu · Manolis Tsakiris · Rene Vidal · Daniel Robinson