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Thu 7:30 Active Learning with Maximum Margin Sparse Gaussian Processes
Weishi Shi · Qi Yu
Tue 14:00 Active Online Learning with Hidden Shifting Domains
Yining Chen · Haipeng Luo · Tengyu Ma · Chicheng Zhang
Tue 18:30 Mean-Variance Analysis in Bayesian Optimization under Uncertainty
Shogo Iwazaki · Yu Inatsu · Ichiro Takeuchi
Tue 14:00 Reinforcement Learning for Mean Field Games with Strategic Complementarities
Kiyeob Lee · Desik Rengarajan · Dileep Kalathil · Srinivas Shakkottai
Tue 14:00 Revisiting Model-Agnostic Private Learning: Faster Rates and Active Learning
Chong Liu · Yuqing Zhu · Kamalika Chaudhuri · Yu-Xiang Wang
Tue 14:00 Active Learning under Label Shift
Eric Zhao · Anqi Liu · Animashree Anandkumar · Yisong Yue
Wed 12:45 Towards Understanding the Behaviors of Optimal Deep Active Learning Algorithms
Yilun Zhou · Adithya Renduchintala · Xian Li · Sida Wang · Yashar Mehdad · Asish Ghoshal
Thu 7:30 Online Active Model Selection for Pre-trained Classifiers
Mohammad Reza Karimi · Nezihe Merve Gürel · Bojan Karlaš · Johannes Rausch · Ce Zhang · Andreas Krause
Wed 12:45 Completing the Picture: Randomized Smoothing Suffers from the Curse of Dimensionality for a Large Family of Distributions
Yihan Wu · Aleksandar Bojchevski · Aleksei Kuvshinov · Stephan Günnemann
Tue 14:00 Bayesian Active Learning by Soft Mean Objective Cost of Uncertainty
Guang Zhao · Edward Dougherty · Byung-Jun Yoon · Francis J. Alexander · Xiaoning Qian
Wed 12:45 Feedback Coding for Active Learning
Gregory Canal · Matthieu Bloch · Christopher Rozell